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What I Stand For:

Listen, Then Act

I know what it feels like to not be heard. That’s why I’m running for Des Moines Public School Board.

Your voice matters.

As a Director, I promise to listen to you, and act once a choice is clear.

Our kids deserve leaders who act in their best interests, even when it's hard.

Prioritize Safety

During a global pandemic, we need leaders who are willing to listen and make hard choices to keep our students, teachers and staff safe at school.


I'm committed to standing up for the values of our community and following public health recommendations, even if it goes against partisan politics at the statehouse.

Advocate For Literacy for All

Less than 50% of first and second grade students in our district know how to read.


That number is even lower for Black students in the district.


I'm committed to prioritizing our kids' literacy, by ensuring we use successful programs like structured literacy and our staff and teachers get the supports they need.


We need your help to win on election day! Sign up here to get involved.



Help us spread the word. Donate here!

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